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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Writer's Block

Posted by Seeking Solace |

One of the things that I don't like about my new job (More like one of many) is that I cannot blog. OK, I know that sounds completely unprofessional, especially coming from yours truly, but it's true. I have blogged at work. I have reasons for blogging at work. It is a stress release for me. It's also a way for me to bounce ideas off my fellow academics. I do it and I make no apologies for it.

I can't blog at work because our Internet usage is monitored. I work at a very small campus and I fear that if I blog using the campus server, I may be "outed". I do have an app for my phone which allows me to access my blog and post, but I am not as skilled at typing on my phone as I am on a keyboard. So, I wait until I get home to write. Sometimes, I am just too tired to write or I don't want to look at a computer screen again until morning.

Sometimes, I think my writing has suffered a little. I wonder if my writing has lost some of its pep since going back to work full time. I miss having downtime to write. Even though I have made the commitment to just doing what I want with my time, my eyes just won't cooperate.

I am thinking about getting a USB drive for broadband use. I use AT&T for my phone, so it may make sense to use them. But, any suggestions would be helpful.


Anonymous said...

You might consider getting a personal notebook computer that you can carry with you and use for writing blog posts. You might not be able to post them online until later, when you're home and using your own ISP, but at least you'd be able to keep on top of your thoughts and getting them down "on paper." I wasn't able to blog from work, either, or do any other personal writing, but I just kept a notebook handy. I'd write in longhand during breaks and lunch hours. It wasn't perfect, but the ideas were captured, at least, and in the evening I'd be able to expand on them. Good luck.

AAYOR said...

I had the same problem until I discovered that with Blogger, you can blog via email! It is the only way that I can blog from work, too.

If you go to the Settings tab, and then to the Email and Mobile tab you can create a unique email address to which you send your posts. Works like a charm!

Arbitrista said...

They monitor your internet usage?! Seriously?

Kai said...

I do the same thing AAYOR mentioned. Emailing blog posts is a great way to blog on the go/avoid big brother!

rented life said...

I like the idea of a netbook but I'm not sure you'd be able to see it with the smaller screen. And I can't type on my phone either. Takes too long.

Personally I am anti verizon but I know some people who are very happy with their USB broadband. Then again, having everyone with one company might be better--sanity and financially.

In any case, just be careful!

Seeking Solace said...

AAYOR: Thanks for the tip! I will have to try that!

Arbitrista: Yes, yes they do! Talk about Big Brother!!!

RL and Rhuemablog: The notebook would be a problem for me because of my eyesight. Jr (my laptop) is not too cumbersome. So for now, it will work.

I did look at the cost for the USB drive. With AT&T it's not too expensive to purchase, but there is a $35.00/month data service fee. That's kinda pricey.

RageyOne said...

I'm with Arbitrista - they monitor internet usage? At a college? I know it is a career college, but still!! That too me is unexpected.