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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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I am back from Hometown. Some bullets from the trip:

  • We stayed in a hotel rather than staying with family. We can't stay with my mom becuase she has a cat and Husband is allergic. We didn't stay with Husband's parents because Husband's brother, wife and two kids were already staying there and it would be way too crowded. Plus, there is only one bathroom in his parents' house. It's a big thing to have your own bathroom.
  • We spent most of the time visiting family and friends which was very nice. We spent time with our niece and nephew (Husband's, brother's kids) and our other nephew (my brother's son). But, I didn't not see my nieces. I also met my cousin's little boy who is so cute. He has hair just like Troy Polamalu of the Steelers!
  • My life long pal, Piglet, and I did some serious shopping on Boxing Day. We literally shopped until we dropped. I did very well at Macy's, Loft and NY & Co.
  • We hung out with friends to watch the Steelers receive a late Christmas gift from the Ravens. Husband's buddy got a 52" wide screen TV from Santa. Football is much more fun to watch that way.
  • We had snow in Hometown on Monday and today. It was COLD! Thankfully, we packed winter coats and gear. It was the first time I wore a winter coat since leaving Lake Effect Snow Central.
  • It took us nine hours to drive to Yankee Transplant. We did stop in a city that allegedly has a branch of Favorite Grocery Store from Lake Effect Snow Central. We were hoping to pick up some of their yummy vodka sauce. Well, either it closed or moved becuase the spot where ti was supposed to be has an empty storefront. Bummer.

So, that's it. We picked up the Boy from the Doggie Hotel. He received an excellent report card from his stay. He was quite happy to see us. He "talked" the whole ride home. Let the sucking up begin.


Thankfully, Husband and I are off from work until January 4th. Just enough time to recover from our trip.


Brigindo said...

Glad you had such a good time and are back safe and sound.