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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


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I decided to go with the outline with an annotated bibliography. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and special thanks to the lovely Rented Life for sending me a great assignment that I was able to incorporate into my project.

What's also great is that one of the IT instructors is going to use my project her class to work with her students on research, Word and power point. all of my students are in her course too, so it's a nice collaborative teaching effort. I think the experience may turn into a nice article.

Alas my friends, I am exhausted. I had a project dumped on my lap last week which I was supposed to have two months ago when no one knew what to do with me. So, I was trying to manage my course and all the associated heinousness while trying to work on a project with one of those "We need this done yesterday" deadlines. Of course, this was one of those situations where someone used half the ass instead of the whole ass, hence the need to complete the project quickly. So, I have spent the last week or so compiling data and sending out emails to people who have more important things to do than respond to my request. Thankfully, someone noticed my plight and appreciated what I had already done and offered to take over for me.

It couldn't have come at a better time. It's bad enough that this is the most exhausting time of year, but no one want additional work dropped on them. I have not slept well for three days, so my ass is dragging. On top of that, I forgot to take some very important medication today. The kind that keeps my heart murmur from going bonkers. I was so light-headed and dizzy that I had to sit for my entire lecture. Thankfully, Husband brought me my drugs and all was well. But, by 4 PM, I had enough and went home. I slept on the couch until 6 PM. I awoke to Husband making tomato soup and toasty grilled cheese sammies. I tell you, I love that man!!!

Oh, and I have a sore throat. Now this could mean a couple of things. I often get a sore throat after a long day of lecture talking. It could also mean that I might be getting sick. I am hoping for the former. So, I am sipping tea and not talking.

But, I might just do a little Zicam, just in case.


Brigindo said...

I hoe you're not getting sick. Last minute desperate projects are just completely unfair.

I know I've said this before, but Husband is wonderful!

rented life said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you could use it. I loved the assignment when I did it for my class, the projects ended up being really interesting and not a single repeat.

I blamed my husband for bringing something home. I've been taking Vit. C. Get your rest!

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