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Friday, November 27, 2009

You Won't See Me....

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Shopping on Black Friday.

Yes, your shopping diva absolutely refuses to enter a mall on this day of heinousness. Actually, I pretty much avoid the mall like the plague during the holidays. If I did venture out, I would go on a Monday or Tuesday morning where it was pretty dead in most places. Although, now that I am back to full-time employment, I am going to have figure out a new strategy for purchasing those items that I cannot buy on-line.

Part of the reason is I just hate the crowds. I tend to be a little claustrophobic when it comes to the mall during holidays. I can't take people pushing and shoving. And, I have little patience for the rudeness and all around bad behavior that people seem to have. It just sends me into another dimension of pissed off.

The other reason is that I have spent many a Black Friday on the oppisite end, as a retail sales clerk. This was typically a long day, work-wise. And once again, people are just rude and nasty to salespeople and others. And again, I am cast into that dimension of pissed off.

Honestly, I don't understand the appeal of standing in line all night, waiting for a store to open at 4 or 5 in morning, in order to get some item that is allegedly a really good deal. There is nothing on this plant that would warrent my dragging my body out of my comfy warm bed to stand outside, freezing my butt off, just to save a buck or two.

No, you won't see me out there today.


jo(e) said...

Me neither.

rented life said...

It's just stupid. And are you really saving money? Is your time worth nothing?

Rebecca said...

I don't like shopping, I don't like crowds and I really don't like getting up ridiculously early. So, yeah, you won't see me either.

I mind slightly less when, like you, I manage to hit a dead time frame at the mall. In fact, that is also my strategy for restaurants and movies. Go at times other than when everyone else does.

Sherlock said...

Ditto! I think people actually spend MORE money because they're getting all these so-called deals and so they buy more stuff!

MissDazey said...

You won't see me at the stores in the crowds either. It's been a long time ago since I worked at the malls, but I still remember the experience.

For several years now we give to a couple of charities instead of giving presents to each family member at Christmas. Everyone loves the idea. We are very generous on everyone's birthday, which everyone also loves.