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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How Was My First Day Of School?

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Well, I didn't pee in the sandbox. (Those of you who watch House should be rolling on the floor right now).

Seriously, my Intro class went very well. It's a small class (12 students) which makes it nice. They are an engaging group, very willing to talk about issues. They want to learn.

I did have a nice surprise when I got home. My pal, GML, sent me a package with a couple jars of vodka sauce from Favorite Grocery Store and coffee from Favorite Coffee Place in Lake Effect Snow Central. Needless to say, we had pasta and vodka sauce for dinner. Short of making it myself, I have not found a vodka sauce that comes close to the high yumo factor of this particular vodka sauce.

It was a good day.


Rebecca said...

That's wonderful. Great boss, nice small class of interested students...I think you hit the jackpot, SS. Way to go.

Um...word verification is...thong.

Did you wear your lucky underwear for your first day?!?

Seeking Solace said...

Rebecca: LOL!!! I did wear my "lucky drawers"!

Anonymous said...

Glad it all went great!!

chel said...

Yay for a good first class and for friends!

Brigindo said...

Congrats on a good first day!

GML said...

Did you see the bite marks on the lid of the coffee can from Favorite Coffee Place? That was courtesy of Frankie! He says hi!
So glad you enjoyed your vodka sauce~Can't wait to get my Lush supplies!