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Thursday, September 03, 2009


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Sorry for the lack of posts. It's not like I am super busy or anything...

  • I have slacked on my research. Last week produced some good results. I need to print the information I found and just sit down and review it.

  • Job search is still going on. I've been stalking and harassing a few folks.

  • My mom told about a guy she knows who adjuncts at my undergraduate college. He applied for a TT position in his department. He was 1 of 80 candidates and was ranked 1 or 2 in the selection process. He still didn't get the job.

  • There was a CC student in Yankee Transplant who tried to sell his seat in a course to another student. I give him an "A" for entrepreneurship, but an "F" in ethics.

  • Awesome Former Colleague is visiting today. YAY!!!!

  • The Boy is desperately trying to make friends with the poodle next door. She is not having it. She is quite a little diva, barking and snarling at him.

  • The weather here is simply lovely. It's in the upper 70's with sun and a crisp breeze. Love it!


rented life said...

Miss you! Job hunting sucks. Parents are providing me a distraction for the weekend.

RageyOne said...

Wait - sell his seat? Wow. The things people do!