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Monday, August 17, 2009

There's Always A Plan B

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It has become readily apparent that I will not be teaching this fall.


OK, now that I got that out of my system...what to do now??

Well, there's always Plan B.

Plan B works like this. I will be working on my journal article. I would like to get up to 20 hours a week of research and writing (More about my "training" later). Also, I have a idea for a second article, which deals with attorneys teaching at the undergraduate level. I've seen a few of my fellow counselors attempt to teach undergrads as if they are in law school. I believe there are some pedagogical differences between teaching undergraduates and law school students. Should be interesting.

As far as the job search goes, I will continue to look for faculty or non faculty positions. I have applied for three non faculty positions, and have to work on a fourth. Three out of four positions, I can see myself working permanently. They are exciting opportunities that will allow me to grow and be creative as an academic. The other is would probably just be filer until I find something else.

As far as faculty positions go, I will keep my eyes open. Perhaps something will open for the Spring/Winter term. It seems that enrollment at colleges and universities in Yankee Transplant are up, but faculty is down due to budget cuts. Maybe a couple of adjunct gigs will open up? (Hello? WTF is up with the stimulus money that was supposed to help with colleges or did I make that one up?) Also, Dream Law School is hiring for next academic year. I made it to the hiring committee, so maybe there's a chance to go further. I am quite sure others will be trickling down at some point...I hope.

So that's my plan. Wish me luck.


MissDazey said...

I agree there is always a Plan B, and C. Your plan B looks very do-able.GOOD LUCK.

Rebecca said...

I wish you the very best of luck! Something is bound to turn up if you just keep plugging away, and your Plan B looks great.

Anonymous said...

Plan B is definitely doable! Good luck! And there's always Plan C :-) It's exciting to think of new and different opportunities -- sounds like you have some promising ones in the works.

Brigindo said...

I really like your Plan B and I think articles 1 and 2 will be fascinating.

Psych Post Doc said...

Best of luck, always.

rented life said...

Funnily enough Husband I and were talking about my plan B if things don't work out yesterday! I am very glad to hear you are working on those articles, you've talked so much about them.

Is there somewhere you could take a class on something--student development or teaching or something, to show you're staying current in your knowledge? Just a thought.

Psycgirl said...

It's always great to have a Plan B! Good luck :)

RageyOne said...

sounds like an excellent plan! all the best!