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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Few Notes

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Dear Yankee Transplant Employers:

I've moved. I have an address and phone. I don't need relocation costs. I am qualified.

I get that there is a recession. I get that money is tight. But, the least you can do is return my emails? Even clicking the button for the return receipt would be appreciated.

So, could you help a girl out?

Desperate Seeking Solace

Dear Various Bugs of Yankee Transplant:

My body is not a buffet for you to feast. Move along or go on a diet.

Itching and scratching,
Seeking Solace

Dear Yankee Transplant DMV:

Thank you for making yesterday's visit a pleasant experience. It was orderly and well organized. People waiting for service waited quietly. Even the employees were kind and friendly despite the huge crowd. This would never happen in Lake Effect Snow Central.

An impressed Seeking Solace

Dear Yankee Transplant Lush Store:

I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Lovingly yours,
Seeking Solace


MissDazey said...

You are so creative. Sounds like you guys made the right move.

By the way, are any of the online schools and colleges added professors. I read the idea of taking classes online was at an all time high.


rented life said...

You took my theme for post writing.

Apparently the bugs are NOT vegetarians. :) Husband and I were talking yesterday about how it was easier to get jobs once we moved to(where you used to live) and we're hoping you have the same luck.

Seeking Solace said...

MissDazey: Yep. They are on my list:

RL: Yes, yes I did. :) I liked it so much. But, I give you all the credit!

I hope getting a job is easier. Seems like no one is budging because of the economy.

rented life said...

yeah, I'm having the same problem. I spoke with someone at one CC (not the one I work at) and he said they are operating without contracts (for the 3rd year). Other places just are moving slower than usual, or have applicants who are MUCH over qualified. (Making my application useless).

Anonymous said...

Yeah we have lots of bugz down here so wear your DEET repellant and don't go outside at dusk. If you do, burn a candle or citronella, they don't like that stuff. Enjoy, yall. -- Another transplant to your new state.