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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Entering The Homestretch

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The movers are coming next Tuesday. We will probably leave on Wednesday morning. We have to clean up the house after the mover's leave. After that, we will need a good night's sleep for the long drive. We will probably stay at J's house next door overnight or camp out in our empty house.

So, it's the homestretch of packing and preparation.

  • Husband is off work for the holiday and the next week. That should help with the final packing.
  • My law school pal, LK, is handling our closing and everything is on target to close next week.
  • The Boy did a test run on the sedatives the vet prescribed. He was not stoned or face down in his water bowl. I would like to try a herbal sedative that a fried suggested. Also, we are going to practice with the seat harness for the car.
  • I have to contact utilities here and in Yankee Transplant.
  • There are a couple farewell get-togethers. My friends from Career College are taking me to lunch on Friday. We are invited to a barbecue on Sunday.

Reality has set in. I am moving!!!!!


Prisca said...

Good Luck! Sounds very exciting. :) Don't wait to contact utilities for your new place. My experience in 2 southern transplant states was not pleasant. Neither quick nor easy. HOURS on the phone to establish and turn off service. Ridiculous but true. Don't want to see you down there without power. ;)

RageyOne said...

Definitely in the homestretch!

MissDazey said...

Have a very smooth moving experience. Does Boy know he's moving?