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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stay The Course

Posted by Seeking Solace |

If you know me IRL or have been reading long enough to figure out, I am a very structured person. I am organized and thrive on routine. I make lists. I don't like chaos. I can handle chaos or unexpected hitches, so long as I have prepared well. Simply put, I have anxiety issues.

So, this whole concept of packing up my house is quite overwhelming for me. I look at all the stuff that needs to be packed and I just want to scream. We are doing the packing ourselves; I just can't fathom someone packing my stuff. (I am a control freak). Did I mention we have an official moving date?

I didn't have this issue early in the game. See, I've been purging and packing up things since January. The idea then was to get the house in order to sell. Get rid of the clutter and box up anything we didn't need. Just focus on one area at a time. So, I worked on one room at a time, not moving to the next until everything I needed to do was done.

I mentioned this to Husband last night. Husband, like most guys, sees this as "Don't worry, I will help you." Once I explained that it wasn't that I was worried about doing the packing by myself; I know he would help. It was just the thought of not knowing where to start and the anxiety I feel just thinking about it.

Husband suggested that I use the same method for the final packing that I did for the de-cluttering and initial packing. He also suggested starting on my clothes and shoes that I am not wearing now, like my work cloths and winter stuff. Then, move on to the next room. Finally, he said that we would work on a couple of specific things this weekend, like the china and small appliances that we are not using. Bottom line, it will be OK.

Needless to say, my anxiety level is way down. I think I can handle this.

My husband is so smart...and knows me so well!


MissDazey said...

When you get everything packed and moved, please come do our house. I admire you and your husband, so organized.

Wishing you a good month of packing and excitement for the next stage of life.


Seeking Solace said...

Thanks MissDazey! I am hoping my new location will make the RA a little better. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh good, another list maker. I just can't function without my lists!! Neither do I like surprises or events that don't exactly as planned. Long ago I learned to compartmentalize everything so as not to get overwhelmed. Our first move was so chaotic it wasn't funny -- we didn't even start packing till the day before the movers came. The next move was a little more organized -- we had kids then and I'd learned to be a bit more flexible. That last move was when we swore we'd never move again. We consolidated two homes, ours and the one we inherited from my parents (with everything still in the house) and you talk about overwhelming, oh my gosh. The kids were in college by then and I was teaching college. Between my college students and our kids and their friends, we did manage to pack, move, and unpack without paying movers. But I swear to this day, never again!

You have a great plan and I know it will work out well for you. One suggestion (although I know you've already done this!!) -- label the boxes for which room they will be placed in the new home. Then you can unpack in the same organized manner that you packed it all up. Kitchen first, then bedroom, LOL. The rest can be done in its own good time :)

Rebecca said...

Ditto Sherlock's advice. Be especially careful packing your "must haves" from the kitchen so you can set it up quickly to cook and eat. If you are morning coffee drinkers, you want to be particularly sure the coffee making essentials are easily found.

Also make sure you have clean bed linens all together to make the bed. We always pack these in a big black garbage bags and put it in a box of its own: pillows, mattress pad, sheets and bedspread or comforter.

You seriously can't imagine how much easier a move will feel just by getting those things right.

Oh, and toilet paper. We bring that in the car with us to the new place, and find that works best.

Good luck!!!

Seeking Solace said...

Sherlock and Rebbecca: Those are great tips!

I do label each box with what's in it and where it goes, i.e. books, office. I don't want any mystery boxes.

I like the idea about the TP. Such a necessity!

BrightStar (B*) said...

I HATE packing!

I think your spouse has the right idea for how to approach it.

Every time you talk about him, I think that you two are the perfect match!

Seeking Solace said...

AWWWW, thanks B*. He is truly my perfect match.