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Saturday, May 30, 2009


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One of the biggest frustration with having RA and living in Lake Effect Snow Central, is dealing with the change in weather. There's a saying in LESC "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." It can go from sunny and pleasant to cold and crappy in no time. So, like the weather, I can go from feeling great to feeling like crap.

Last weekend, I felt great. It was sunny and warm. Although I have pain everyday, it was tolerable. On those days, I take advantage of my good feelings by doing things that I enjoy. I make sure that I am eating well, exercising and being mindful of stress.

Today I don't feel like crap, but I don't feel great either. The last two days have been on the chilly and rainy side, and I feel it in my joints. I am more stiff in the morning than usual. My hands are a little swollen. I am tired. It's hard not to get depressed on the bad days. But, I try not to catastrophize when I have one or two bad days. Sometimes, it's successful, sometimes not.

Living with RA is like being on a roller coaster. The are many ups and downs, twists and turns. Some days are good, some bad, some are just downright horrible. But unlike a real roller coaster, the RA ride doesn't end. The hope is that by moving, I will have more good ride days.

FYI: I found this blog which gives a real look at living with RA. If you want to know what it's like for me and others like me, read 60-Second Guide To RA.


Abbey said...

I hope that Target State has more stable, good-for-you weather.

rented life said...

The guide was cute, he describes things well!

Seeking Solace said...

I love the Batman reference.