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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning Murmurs

Posted by Seeking Solace |

~It is dark, dreary and raining today. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow.

~Husband wanted me to say "Thanks" for the birthday wishes.

~I had my first couple of sips of wine at dinner with Husband on Saturday. I say "sips" because that was all I could handle. Damn you, methotrexate!

~On the hair front, my hair has stopped falling out, but because of the loss, I still cannot use my flat iron to straighten. My stylist says maybe in the Spring I will have enough growth to start up again.

~I got a letter over the weekend from one of the universities where I really wanted to teach. Because of the financial crisis, they are suspending all hiring. It's better than a rejection, but I had a feeling that this was going to happen. I think many schools are going to suspend their searches.

Well, I should start thinking about the college I currently work for and get started on some work.


Arbitrista said...

Sorry I missed the birthday wishes to your husband - happy belated to him! And major bummer on the suspension in hiring. I'm really worried about the long-term ripple effects of the economic crisis.

Seeking Solace said...

Arbitrista: Husband thanks you.

I am concerned as well about the impact of the economic crisis on jobs, especially in higher ed. I think many public institutions will suspend hiring because of governments having to re-think their own budgets.

At least I have a law licence to fall back on.

rented life said...

I'm fairly convinced our school won't be here in another two years given the financial situation. One more reason to get out.

State schools also have a hiring freeze in out area.

RageyOne said...

Bummer about the hiring freeze. My PhD granting institution cut all faculty travel this semester as a result of budget issues in the state. I'm sure more and more higher education institutions will have cuts and suspend various things as we move through this crisis.

Dagblasted! about the snow. Ugh!

Weezy said...

Tell hubby I said happy b-day a little late.

I do have to tell you, i woke up this morning listening to the rain/sleet and thought... damn...i bet seeking solace is loving the fact she is leaving this!!!