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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Someone Needs A Refresher Course

Posted by Seeking Solace |

While grading the most recent homework assignment from my business law students, I cam across the following on a student's explanation as to how to apply the law in a particular situation.

I asked my brother, who is an attorney, and he said that the answer to the problem is X.

Well, alrighty then...Let's go through why this is wrong on so many levels.

1. It takes a lot a stones to actually write on an assignment that one asked another person to provide the answer to the problem. Even if one did ask someone who may know something about the topic, why in the world would one put on paper that they asked someone? Is that supposed to impress me or offend me?

2. Asking for help is one thing, but it does not show that the student has the capability to answer the question on his/her own when that person gives the answer instead of helping the person figure it out.

3. If you are going to ask someone to give you an answer to a question and that person supposidely is knowledgeable in that area, make sure that the person provides the correct answer. The attorney was dead wrong. Maybe the attorney needs to take my class!

I commented on the student's assignment that while it is great that the student has someone to discuss the class topics, in the future, the student should answer the question on his or her own. Furthermore, the answer provided a good analysis, the result was incorrect.

Anyone want to take bets on whether I will get a phone call or email from a pissed off or attorney?


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

That's like the grade protest Hubby got last year. The mother's rant included the 'argument' that the paper must be a B, because the student's sister is in grad school and wrote the paper for him.

Of course, the mom thought Hubby held her support of Clinton against her son... she was wacko.

Kai said...

Oh lord..yeah that call is def coming.

Prisca said...

Yep. I'm guessing you'll be hearing soon. Unless he's too embarrassed. Did you know him?!

Albatross said...

We had a student argue an answer by saying her doctor mother's secretary was looking up papers to support her (wrong) answer.

Sometimes students are so incredibly shameless.

RageyOne said...

I look forward to the blog posting about that phone call. :)

righteous babe said...

well I asked my mom and she said...

This year's batch is extra special.

Psych Post Doc said...

The only way I can see avoiding the phone call/email is if the student screwed it up in the translation.

Seeking Solace said...

So far, I have not heard anything. My guess is he (the attorney) was embarrassed, or the student did screw up the translation.

Pirsca: Nope, I don't know the dude.