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Monday, September 29, 2008

Seems Appropriate

Posted by Seeking Solace |

That I am working on my lecture about fiscal responsibility for my freshman critical thinking students. It has become quite a passion of mine. I am seriously thinking of doing some research about this topic and how it should be incorporated into a first year experience course.

The truth is, no one "teaches" us about finances. No one teaches you how negative credit can affect you and your future. No one explains that "easy credit" is not easy. No one explains how student loans work and that they are not discharge in bankruptcy. No one guides you on how to spot predatory lending practices. If that were the case, many people would not be in the situation they are currently in with home mortgages and credit card debt.

What if people "learned" what it means to be fiscally responsible? What if people understood the difference between a "want" vs. a "need"? What if we re-defined what it means to be "wealthy"? What if we armed people with the knowledge so that they will take responsibility for making their own decisions?

Why? What are we afraid of? That people will wise up and realize that the Rolling Stones were right.

"You can always get want you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need."


dr four eyes said...

Definitely a needed area! I've seen some mentions here and there about needing to teach financial literacy, but I'm not sure how much traction that's gotten. Maybe, given the current circumstances, it'll get a little more support?

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you.

you know, when I was in 5th grade, we learned about percentages and what not and I vividly recall my teacher explaining why carrying a balance on a credit card is a very bad thing. he was definitely the exception--no one else taught me that, including my parents--but how hard would it be to slip those lessons in all along the way? instead of waiting until people make mistakes and get in over their heads so we can tsk tsk about how they were irresponsible?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

This is probably the best lesson they can learn in college -- and, like writing and reading, someone should have taught them before. I wish I'd learned it earlier rather than later... sigh.

rented life said...

my brothers ex gf didn't even know how to write out a check. In home ec in 8th grade we learned how to do that and how to balance a check book, but I suspect that's a long gone practice.

Anonymous said...

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