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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning Murmurs

Posted by Seeking Solace |

~Remnants of Ike did not hit my neck of the woods too hard, mostly just wind and rain. There are some folks south of me without power. Yesterday, it was 86 degrees. Today we will be lucky to reach 66.
~The Boys in Black and Gold won an ugly one last night.
~I have to make a Target run this morning. I need to buy some hair products for curly hair.
~I can't believe I am giving my first test already. My law class has their first test on Thursday.
~I so love "My Listy" on iGoogle.
~Husband is in the process of pulling the last of the tomato plants. August's rain was not kind to them. Out of 12 plants, only two have any fruit left. We were able to freeze a lot sauce though.
~Another weekend taking the Methotrexate where I was nauseous and dizzy. Not fun at all! I wish I knew how long those side effects last!

OK, time to get some work done before shopping.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Are they at least giving you decent stuff for the nausea? It is hard to feel better if you can't keep stuff down.

Also, generally for dizziness -- someone told Hubby that B12 was helpful, as is eating blueberries. At least the blueberries taste good :).

Seeking Solace said...

ITPF: I take high doses of folic acid, which helps a little. I am going to try the blueberries.

I am going to see a nutritionist at the local health food store for some additional guidance.

dr four eyes said...

I meant to comment on your previous post, but it'll do just as well here.

I have really thick, really curly hair, and I only recently (about 1.5 years ago) learned how to style it so that it doesn't get too huge. I used to always wear my hair up because it would expand throughout the day and just overwhelm me eventually.

If you have long enough hair (mine ranges from a bit longer than chin-length to about shoulder-length, depending on how long since my last cut), then try twisting it into Shirley Temple type curls. After a shower, I put in some product, then start from the back and move forward around to my face. Grab a chunk and twist around your fingers, then move on to the next chunk. I usually twist away from my face, so that my hair is more likely to fall away from my face than in it. (I hope this makes sense). Doing this keeps my hair in check much more and I get tons of compliments on my hair.

I also have a product recommendation. Instead of styling products, I just use conditioner, specifically Honey Moisturizing Conditioner from The Body Shop. I have used just about every product ever invented for curly hair, and this stuff works just as well, if not better, than all of those (esp when used in tandem with the twisting). It has a nice, heavy consistency that tames some of the more unruly elements in my hair, but, unless I use way too much, it doesn't get crunchy when it dries.

Curly hair varies a lot, I know, so this stuff may not work for you...but I thought I'd pass it along anyway.