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Sunday, August 17, 2008


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Last night, Husband and I went out to dinner with RL and her hubby. We love hanging out with them. They are just so much fun and so much like Husband and I. And RL has become a great friend too!

We had authentic Mexican food. So yummy. The restaurant even had a vegetarian section on their menu. Bonus. We went over to their house afterward and the husband jammed with the guitars while RL and I watched Juno. Loved it. But, I just know that if I came home and announced that I was pregnant at 16, my parents would have sent me away!

Today was just a meh sort of day. I did go to JC Penny's to stock up on bras more undies and hosiery. And no, no one gave me grief about the crotch! I got measured and my bra size is still the same from a year ago.

I am just having trouble finding motivation. It seems like I have to drag myself into doing anything, even shopping. (Quick, someone call the fashion gods.) I go through these bouts of no motivation to pure anxiety over what I need to do. Plus, this summer has been a roller coaster of emotions and stress. I feel like I need some down time for myself. I have two weeks before I have to go back to work. Somehow, I have to get some rest while trying to get all my work done for the fall term. I worry that I will go into the fall not feeling my best and that could lead to an RA flare. And I know I can't let that happen.

I think I need to shut myself down for a while.


rented life said...

when I hear "shut down" I think of shutting down the computer. :)

I've been trying to think of something that I can do to de-stress too.

Albatross said...

I totally understand the motivation swings. I can go from nothing to panic in 3 minutes!

Hope you can find some way to relax. I might skip town for a few days myself =)