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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm All Right...Nobody Worry About Me

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Thank you everyone for your comments and emails. You guys are so supportive and understanding!

I am doing fine...really. I think it helps that I still have a job for the fall. I do think the Dean went out on a limb for me.

I think the meeting is going to go one of two ways:

Scenario #1: There is a problem that needs to be addressed and if thing work out according to some sort of plan, they will keep me.

Scenario #2: There is a problem and after the Fall semester, College will not renew my contract.

I am hoping for Scenario #1.

I am going into the meeting with the hope of negotiating something that everyone can live with. My suggestion is for me to have some assignment or activity for the students to complete on days that I may not be able to work becuase of my illness. Something that can be administered without much difficulty for the person who is charged to administer it. Or perhaps a library or computer lab activity that can be monitored by those individuals. At my last college, we were requited to have an emergency lesson plan on file in case we were unable to teach class. I am surprised that College does not have something like that. I never even thought to suggest that either. But, I think it's a reasonable solution.

Also, my schedule for the Fall has me teach three classes on Tuesday/Thursdays, which will allow me sufficient rest time, especially when the days begin to get colder in the fall and the chance of a flare is more likely. I can also complete my office hours on those days as well.

And if I have to play the ADA better believe I am going to slap that sucker down.

If the worse case happens, I know I will be OK. Husband and I have talked at length about this and although he would like to show the VPAA what a pissed off Slovak, redneck hick does when someone disrespects his wife, he doesn't want our life to be dictated by some jackass. And if push comes to show, I can find another gig, either in LESC or somewhere else, and we will take a huge chunk of College's money with us.

I love that Slovak, redneck hick.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

At BNCC we have the option to list classes as "hybrid" with reduced seat time.

You could have some on-line 'class' time, and some face to face -- with the understanding that there is some flexibility in the proportions.

The other thing you could do is to design a pretty large group presentation project for the end and every class cancellation day is a chance for the group to work on a part of the project.

Righteous babe said...

I'd be wary of the library activity if I were you. I am learning certain people there are not reliable.

When's the meeting? with VPAA be there? ironically, College has no money.

Kai said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and I'm totally behind husband (and the Boy!) if they need back up during the smackdown!!

Seeking Solace said...

ITPF: That sounds like a possible option.

RB: That's what insurance is for :) Meeting is Tuesday. I don't know if VPAA will show. My guess is no because that's the kind of worm he is...let someone else do his dirty work.

desertdemocrat said...

ITPF's suggestion is good one as far as hybrid classes go. I usually teach at least on hybrid class on a T/Th schedule and so see students face to face once a week.

That was one of the things that saved me as I was dealing with my spine problem. Even at my worse, I could make it once a week.

If hybrid isn't a possibility, you might set up an online component for the course--something you could use on the days you can't make it in.

As a selling point, you might talk about how hybrid classes free up classroom space, and, if you could get someone else to do it with you, two classes could meet in the same room--one on Tues and the other on Thurs.

Good luck

Psych Post Doc said...

I am glad you're doing okay and I hope that your meeting leads to a compromise that everyone can live with.

Prisca said...

That husband of yours rocks. I'm so glad you have him to support you.

The idea of doing something online is really interesting. I'm wondering if you could design some kind of self-contained modules that they could get online and turn them in so that there would be accountability all around.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

oh dear, so sorry i missed this. good luck with everything and i hope you get your desired scenario 1. hang in there...

Anonymous said...

[sorry i pressed return too soon]

anyway, your husband rocks and i just gotta say, i agree so much with the last senetce of your previous post. some people just don't/can't understand.

i am wit you 100%, go SeekingSolace!!

Mad Hatter said...

Good luck with the meeting. Hope everything works out!

Lisa said...

Keep us posted!