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Saturday, May 24, 2008

To Market I Go

Posted by Seeking Solace |

The Farmer's Market in my area opened for the season. This is the second year that the market has been in business. I am so glad that it is back. It's just the brings out my country roots.

Husband, the Boy and I went bright and early to get the pick of the goodness. In addition to the traditional fruits and veggies, our market also has wine, cheese, baked goods, plants and other natural and organic products. We bought our usual goodies: a fresh baguette, cheese, pasta and some organic cookies. I also picked up some marigolds which I will plant later today.

Speaking of plants, I sampled my first radish from my garden. De-lish! I also have scallions ready for picking. They will be nice with the garlic linguine I got at the market. Today, Husband and I will plant tomatoes, peepers, eggplant and herbs. I am hoping that it will stay warm, as those plants do not fair well when it is chilly.

Yesterday, the contractor started work on the garage door. It looks great. Today, he will install the glass block window in the garage Tuesday will be a busy day as work on my living room ceiling begins. The Boy and I will make ourselves scarce since there will be a lot of noise and debris.

I think we will wait until Monday to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It is supposed to rain then.

So, what are your plans for the long weekend?


M in my diary said...

All those fresh veggies, both from the market and the garden, sound great. We have tomatoes, but they're still small. The herbs are coming along fantastically. I'm up to giving cilantro away.

I have no plans! I have sick children.

Psych Post Doc said...

I want to get my herbs planted TODAY, but husband doesn't seem to want to help.

I love fresh veggies, I need to figure out the farmers market schedule around here. I know they have to have one.

Enjoy your gardening.

RageyOne said...

You planted eggplant?!?! Yum! I need to learn how to cook eggplant.

My weekend involved a social with my sorority last night, a graduation party today, relaxing on Sunday, and a cookout on Monday.

Brigindo said...

We went to the farmer's market today too. We got some yummy bread and peaches and fresh eggs.

Dinner tonight with friends. Our athletic plans (rock climbing & karate) have gone awry due to Memorial Day weekend closings.

Addy N. said...

I'm SOOO jealous of everyone and their gardens. While we have the advantage of a lovely view, we also have DEER up the ying-yang, so we can't plant vegetables, herbs, or even a lot of flowers in our yard unless we want to install a 10-foot electrified fence! I'll have to settle for Farmer's Market goodies, but I didn't make it there today. No plans for the weekend... Just watching the cut on D's face and deciding whether we'll need to fill the Rx for antibiotics.

Seeking Solace said...

Sounds like everyone will have a nice weekend :)

M: I was thinking about trying cilantro. :)

Psyc Post Doc: I can't get my Husband out of the garden. He loves to dig.

Ragey: Husband makes a kick ass eggplant parm. I will send you the recipe.

Addy N: I know about deer. My brother-in-law has problems with them all the time.

We have to deal the the bunnies. But, the Boy is on bunny patrol. I think he would go berserk if he saw a deer.

DancingFish said...

Your garden sounds great! Plus, marigolds!

I saw Indiana Jones at the drive-in last night as part of a double feature with Iron Man. Action packed! The rest of the weekend will bring anniversary celebrations and work.

RageyOne said...

yay! i look forward to getting the recipe.