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Monday, May 26, 2008

So. Very. Sore.

Posted by Seeking Solace |

We spent all of Saturday planting. The garden is quite full. I have to replace a couple of basil plants that did not fair well. Husband and I are both very sore! We decided to skip our usually Sunday workout since we got that and then some on Saturday. But, it's a good kind of sore in that we will have summer goodness as a reward for our hard labor!

The garage door is installed and it looks great. Tomorrow, the crew will take down the ceiling tiles in the living room and begin to install the recessed lighting. That also means that the Boy and I will have to vacate as there will be much noise and debris. The Boy is going to daycare. I will head to the bookstore and maybe to the mall. I tried to schedule a facial but my place is booked. I want to get a pedi, but my cracked big toenail has not regrown yet.

Since it is supposed to rain today, Husband and I are going to see Indiana Jones. We are also headed to DSW so Husband can buy a new pair of sneakers. I might get another pair of Sketchers. I like these and these. I already have these, which I absolutely love. Just so comfy!

There was an article in this morning's paper about Duran Duran. The author interviewed John Taylor, who is turning 48 this year.


Good grief, do I feel old!


luckybuzz said...

48!?! Yeah, I feel old too.

I like that first pair of Sketchers!

Seeking Solace said...

I ended up with the second pari. They did not have the other ones in my size.

Kai said...

I have the first pair in black. LOVE THEM! Sketchers rock!