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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Speak Softly and Carry a German Shepard

Posted by Seeking Solace |

My next door neighbor's daughter, who is house sitting while her mom is out of town, told me that some broke into her car and her mom's car last night. She doesn't think anything was taken.

I don't recall hearing anything last night. If there was something going on, the Boy would have altered us to it. Usually when the Boy hears anything outside late at night, he goes into full German Shepard mode of vicious barking. He also runs down the stairs to the living room where he launches onto the couch and slams his entire body into my front window while barking. (I am not sure if the body slamming is a GSD trait or if the Boy is just nuts.) I slept like a rock last night which is very rare for me. J said that she did not hear anything either and the Girl was quiet all night.

This really bugs me. Husband is concerned too. Our neighborhood is very quiet. I don't even recall the last time cops were called, with maybe the exception of the last time Fat Bastard had one of his loud karaoke parties until 2 AM. We really don't have issues here.

Well, I guess this is a reminder to be vigilant. But, I think I might put this sign in my front yard.


rented life said...

Last summer someone broke into the house on the corner and last semester husband's car was gotten into (though there's nothing of worth in there). People try to be diligent here and watch each other's houses, yet it still happened.

Seeking Solace said...

Yeah, our neighbor's around us are good at watching out for each other, but yet, it still happens.

M in my diary said...

About a month ago, we had a situation where four men broke down doors and stole shit within three minutes. One of the first things B did was to put up a Beware of Dog sign even though we don't have a dog.

M in my diary said...

Oh, not from our house. Just in a neighboring neighborhood.

Geeka said...

The front of our place is right on the sidewalk (think like a storefront). Occasionally the neighborhood ruffians will 'tag' the front of our place.

Our dog, beautiful but dumber than bricks, who sleeps in front of the windows in the front of the apartment, can't manage to alert us to this. However, if one of her 'doggy friends' is outside within a 3 block radius, there is barking for 15 minutes.

Our attack cat has actually alerts us when the bats are out (we have to shut the back door).

Seeking Solace said...

Geeka: The Boy does do the "How dare another dog walk past my house!" bark. He actually has three distinctive barks, which helps us decide if we need to yell at him to knock it off!

M: Glad you're back!

DancingFish said...

Our GSD was very quiet for the frst year or so that we had him (he was 2.5 when we got him). Never barked once. After taking him to my in laws for Xmas one year he started barking. Now he howls at sirens, barks to be let inside, at anyone making noise out front. We were lucky that his looks alone kept us safe at first and now we love his barking- we live in a pretty bad area.
He also slams into things a lot- doesn't take corners well. His coordination is reminisent of Marmaduke.

Seeking Solace said...

The Boy didn't bark much either when we adopted him. He was 1 1/2 when we got him. He didn't understand that he had to bark at the doorbell. He would just cock his head to one side as if to say "Should I bark at that?"