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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Murmurs

Posted by Seeking Solace |

~Construction on the ceiling is almost complete. I should have my living room back on Monday. Today, they will prime the ceiling. Monday, will be painting and putting up the molding. Then, there will be light.

~The new widow for the living room will be installed later next week.

~Husband is sick...again. This is the third time since December. In the past, he would get a cold like once every couple of years. I think it's the people he works with that are the problem. Many of them come to work sick and spread their evilness. Poor guy is hacking and sniffling.

~J invited me to see Sex in the City this afternoon. It might be good to get out and let Husband sleep.

~I got an email from work yesterday. There is a meeting of all the CT instructors in two weeks to discuss changes in the course and a meet-and-greet with the new instructors. WTF? It's June for crying out loud. I'm on vacation! This stuff is supposed to happen in August!

~I have a meeting with the instructor who is also teaching the Business Law course. He is a judge. I have not appeared before him during my attorney days, but I do know his rep. He can be quite arrogant.

~I felt bad for the Judge's secretary. She had no idea that the Judge was teaching a course in the fall. So, I had to give her the 411. Nice.

~The Boy is going through an eating poop phase. Very gross. He has never done it before, which makes me think that he has some issue. I may speak to Awesome Trainer at his daycare to see what she thinks. GML suggested that I check with the place where I buy his food for suggestions too. The Boy eats an all natural dog food, but maybe he is missing something.

~I just love ordering from Sephora. You get to choose three free samples along with your order. Very cool! Plus, I have to stay out of Sephora. It's like Target or the Ann Taylor Loft. I spend way too much money!

~So, what did I buy? Body Scrub, dry shampoo for my gym bag. and Eyebrow Palette to fill in my light eyebrows. I got a bronzer, some foot cream and another eyebrow highlighter for freebies. And, I get cash back because I belong to this.


M in my diary said...

I don't get those people who try to get you to come in and work in June. I'm still dealing with loose strings with my workbook which sorta sucks b/c I still have to check work email. Otherwise, I'd completely cut myself off.

rented life said...

By contract I have to work through til June 15th and then technically the college can't call me in after that. So I'm stuck with a few meetings but food is provided at one so that's ok.

If I had money I'd blow it all on the Kat Von D. makeup selection at Sephora. Right now I just look wistfully at it.

sure the dog food's missing something: poop! :)

Seeking Solace said...

M: Yeah, I am in that "Don't bother me until August" mode right now.

Rented Life: I saw the Kat Van D makeup in the latest Sephora mailer. Very hot!

Psych Post Doc said...

I think I read that eating poop = lack of protein.

Good luck with all the house stuff, the sick hubby and the work meetings.