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Friday, March 28, 2008


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Today counts as a mulligan.

~It snowed four inches last night. WTF? Can't blame it on the lake becuase it is 70% frozen.

~Six out of 15 students showed up for Composition this morning. I was supposed to continue discussion about cause and effect essays, use of analogy and then hand out their next essay assignment. Looking around the room, I could tell that the students who did show up were not feeling it. Neither was I, so I sent them away.

~The extended Spring Break-Easter Holiday has crushed my balance. I am having trouble composing a coherent thought. I haven't worked out in a week either.

~I am popping migraine meds like candy.

~Even the Boy is out of sorts. His daycare was closed this week because the trainers are attending a conference, so his schedule is off. During a walk with the Girl and her mom the other day, the Boy snapped at the Girl twice for invading his walking space. He has never done that before.