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Friday, March 14, 2008

Get Ready

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Despite the fact that Spring Break technically begins at the close of classes today, Spring Break started yesterday for me. I cancelled my Friday classes because I just had this feeling that hardly anyone would show up. Given that my attendance Thursday was poor, my assumption was a safe one.

I also cancelled because I need time to get ready for fabulous vacation. We leave on Sunday morning, and I haven't done a thing to get ready. A while back, I made this vacation "to do" list that I keep on my computer and the print a copy when it's time to go away. It helps me keep track of what I have to do and what I should pack. It seems like after every trip, I am adding something new that I wish I had when I was on my trip.

So today, I have a ton of laundry to do, plus I have to clean my house. I just can't go on vacation leaving a messy house. Tomorrow, I will get a pedi. You can't go on a fabulous vacation with crusty feet! Tomorrow is also the day I have to drop off the Boy at his deluxe accommodations for the duration of our trip. Even though I know he goes to a wonderful place and I know he has a great time, I still get a little teary. I always miss him when we go away and can't take him with us. I often wonder if he is having fun, what he is doing and if he is being a good dog.

OK, so I need to get going. I am meeting GML for an early lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Then, I have to go to Big Ass Mall to pick up a few things for the trip. Can I leave Sephora without dropping a ton of cash, when all I really need is foundation and lip gloss? Can I stay out of the Ann Taylor Loft?


Weezy said...

have a wonderful awesome trip-- did you get some LUSH to take along?

You'll have to tell me how it is-- though we love the cruise thing, part of me might just want to sit on a beach for a week at some point.