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Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Day After

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We have about a foot of snow at our house. No big deal. The weather-dudes are calling for another foot by Sunday nigh. Still, no big deal. We are kinda of used to it here.

So, what does one do in Lake Effect Snow Central when there is a foot of snow on the ground? Kick back and relax with the beverage of your choice and wait for a break in the weather so that you can go out and shovel. Actually, Husband does all of the shoveling. He refuses to buy a snow blower.

The concert last night was awesome. Completely packed house for Mr. Springsteen and the mighty E. Street Band. What was amazing was the number of parents who brought their kids to the show. Not little kids, but maybe, 10 and up. Although, there was this family with their son who was about 10 or 11 years old. He just seemed really bored throughout the entire show. Any of you who have seen Springsteen know that he plays for a good 2.5 hours, so this was pretty excruciating for this kid.

But, what was painful for Husband and I was that this kid had a serious case of the farts. I mean like rotten egg, sulfuric bombs that probably left some oily spotting (OK, sorry about that. Husband and I have been making one too many Xenical jokes today.). But, damn did it stink. At one point the dad was sitting next to me with his son on his right. Then, the dad traded places with his son so that he would be next to me. Great, thanks a lot.

Moving on....

Prisca asked for a set list, so here it is:

The Ties That Bind
Radio Nowhere
Lonesome Day
Be True
Gypsy Biker
Reason To Believe
Candy's Room
Because The Night
She's The One
Livin' In The Future
The Promised Land
I'll Work For Your Love
Working On The Highway
Devil's Arcade
The Rising
Last To Die
Long Walk Home

Buffalo Gals (I have no idea why he would play that! :) )
Girls In Their Summer Clothes
Thunder Road
Detroit Medley
Born To Run
Dancing In The Dark
American Land

Well, that's all. Time to shovel.


RageyOne said...

sounds like a good time, except for the kid with the farts!

joanna said...

Another reason why children should not be brought to concerts!

Anonymous said...

ooh snow!! i want some...

yah, and sorry about those farts, yuck.