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Thursday, January 03, 2008

RIP...My Ipod

Posted by Seeking Solace |

I got the blank screen of death on my Ipod Nano. My understanding is that it is probably dead.


It really blows because it's not even two years old. And since I just don't believe in any kind of "extended warranty", I will have to shop for a new one.

Damn technology!

What made it worse was I had to dig around for a CD to listen to while working out. I forgot how clumsy portable CD players are!!!!


Anonymous said...

awww, I'm sorry! it really sucks to revert to the clumsy portable cd player after an mp3 player. booo!

desertdemocrat said...

First, go to and see what the nano assistant has to offer. Also search apple support for restarting an ipod nano. If that doesn't work, make an appointment at the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store--you can make appt on-line. Take your i-pod in and see what they can do.

I had a second generation i-pod that died; took it to the genius bar, and ended up with a replacement of the same ipod even though my warranty had expired.

It's worth a shot. And, if nothing else, they should be able to save your tunes so you can load them on a new pod.

Arbitrista said...

That sucks big time.

Abbey said...

Black screen of death! Oh no. I'm queen of blue screen of death on my computer...I had no idea I might be facing a new kind of death screen with my little nano guy.