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Saturday, January 19, 2008

For Woman Only

Posted by Seeking Solace |

There's a radio station in Lake Effect Snow Central that is running a contest in which one can win a "Man Cave". The "Man Cave" consists of

  • Big screen TV and home entertainment center
  • Slate pool table
  • Bar and bar stools
  • Full stock beer fridge
  • Table and chairs
  • Power tools
  • Guitar Hero
  • Food and beverages for a year
  • Cigars for a year

OK, I could dig that.

I am working on a "Man Cave" for Husband. It's not really a "Man Cave" per se. It's just a place where he can play his guitars would annoying me too much. We are transferring the room that is currently the home office into his space. The former guest room will become the office.

But then I got to thinking. What about a "woman cave"? I mean, wouldn't it be nice to have a place where we ladies can get away from spouses, pets, kids and the world in general?

I could so get into that.

So, what would go in my "woman cave"? Well...
  • A big soaking tub (Yeah, GML, like yours!)
  • A comfy couch and chair
  • Fireplace
  • Home entertainment center with my favorite music and DVDs.
  • Books
  • Candles
  • A fully stocked bar with wine and assorted spirits.
  • My favorite foods
  • And, it would have to be sound proof. I don't want to hear anyone trying to find me!

Doesn't that sound great?

What would be in your "woman cave"???


Anonymous said...

And don't forget Lush Products for the tub!!!
In my cave I would have to have my boys, Blue and Frankie.
And lots o'wine!


Propter Doc said...

A little chocolate bar with all my top truffles and caramels and stuff, all in little bite sized forms. And all with zero calories! Strawberries and other yummy fruit too. With you on the entertainment stuff, comfy couch - with lots of pillows and blankets to curl up in. Ah...

k8 said...

Fine chocolates! And, like propter doc said, they should have 0 calories! I would also like warm fuzzy slippers.

Seeking Solace said...

GML: How could I forget the Lush products!! I don't know if the Boy would behave. He would want all the attention!

Propter Doc: Yes, lots of chocolate!!!

K8: Warm fuzzy slippers..YAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

lots and lots of pillows, a comfy window seat, and a personal chef to make me my heart's desire. ooh, and a wood fired pizza oven with a pizza

RageyOne said...

Oh, I like that idea and it would definitely be a combination bathroom/sitting room. The bathroom portion would have a garden tub with ledges for candles, heated floors, & a shower with a bench so that if I wanted to have a steaming session I could. :)

The sitting room would have a comfy chair, for two, a small bar (with a tiny fridge, sink, & bar fixings), a window for natural light, a few lamps (no overhead light), candles, and a bookshelf. Basically, a relaxation room.

rented life said...

The cats, big comfy chairs, books, lots of windows for sunshine, my computer (with excellent internet connection at all times), painted light yellow with bright white trim, french doors that lead to an outdoor patio. When we build it'll be off the master bedroom. Husband and I already agreed we'll each get our own no questions asked room. Someday.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Love this....still thinking on it. But I would definately have to add plants!