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Thursday, December 20, 2007


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On Monday, I had an appointment with my doctor about my migraines. We concluded that they a most likely hormonal, and she suggested adding a magnesium supplement to my diet. But, what really concerned her was that my blood pressure was 132/84. Normal for me is 105-107/70-72.


She thinks that it may be because of the recent increase in the dosage of one of my meds. I guess that is one of the side effects. She told me she wanted me to come in once a week for the next six weeks for a blood pressure check to monitor the problem.

Yesterday, I was not feeling right. I was jittery, nervous and I could feel might heart beating. I have a mitral valve prolapse (sticky heart valve) and a history of panic attacks. Well, it did not feel like a panic attack. Besides, I had nothing to feel panicky about. So, I called the office to see if I could come in for a BP check.

Let me tell you. I "heart" my doctor and her staff. They are so nice and accommodating. They got me in within two hours. The nurse was fully aware of my doctor's instructions.

The result...BP 105/70.

OK, that's a relief. They are chalking it up to just a blip. But, I am supposed to continue the BP checks.

I am still a little concerned though. My father's side of the family has a history of hear, high blood pressure and all that related stuff. To make matters worse, my dad had his first heart attack at 39.

I will be 40 next month.

Now, I know I am in much better health than my dad was at my age. Unlike my dad, I do not smoke. Never have. He smoked 3 packs a day. Plus, he his job was WAY more stressful than mine. One of the reasons I walked away from being a lawyer was because of the stress. Also, I am physically active, which is was not.

But, I am still concerned.

I know I should not worry about this; it's just going to make me more stressed. But hearing "Don't worry about it" actually makes me worry. So, I have to find ways to put it out of my mind.


Joy said...

There is no way you wouldn't worry about this. I am glad you have the support of your doctor and her office. Keep on doing what you're doing- monitering it closely.

You can worry, it's a feeling. Feelings are felt and hard sometimes.

Glad your BP was lower and hope your it stays lower!

Joy from Wisconsin

RageyOne said...

Oh that is a good doctor to get you in so quickly.

I think it is good that you are monitoring that knowing the history of HBP/heart disease in your family. One can never be too careful.

Byrdfire said...

Do you have a BP cuff at home? You can get one at any pharmacy or Wallyworld (the arm band ones are more accurate than the wrist kind). I love having one at home because you can do several measurements throughout the day and average them to get a better idea of your true BP. There are so many things that can cause short lived BP anomalies at the doctors office.

I know it is hard to not be concerned, and you very well have a right to be because of your Dad. But it sounds like you are doing good at taking steps to prevent coronary problems. A little worrying is good because it keeps you vigilant.

Just a random thought, but could the shaky, nervous feeling problems have been some sort of post-semester, pre-holiday sort of reaction? I know that I get really depressed after a tough semester, and this year I'm having problems with Christmas rush thing.

Happy holidays:)