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Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Hard

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Today was particularly rough. Husband's symptoms worsened, so we headed to the doctor. The official diagnosis is a sinus infection with strep. The wait at the doctor's office was quite excruciating, mainly because the office was blasting the TV and there was this one guy who felt the need to complain to everyone about his surgery. All I could think of was "Dude, spare me the details."

While Husband went to the pharmacy to get his prescription filled, I figured I would get the grocery shopping done. We were out of almost everything in the house. And, the weather is supposed to get pretty heinous this weekend. Well, you would think that people in my neck of the woods never dealt with a major snowstorm becuase the grocery store was insane! Yes, I realize that we may get up to 18 inches of snow, but for crying out loud, we deal with this ALL THE TIME!!! There is no need to buy enough bread and milk to feed a small country! Seriously, one would think that this is the dawn of the apocalypse and the four horseman are on their way. I decided to postpone my Target trip until tomorrow. I will go around 8 AM and get what I need and get out of there before all the insanity starts again.

Grading??? Well, I got through about half of the research papers for my quiet CT class. They are a bit on the weak side, mostly due to lack of proofreading and this blatant disregard for putting in text citations in the body of their papers. Honestly, I just don't feel like reading anymore tonight. But, I will most likely drag myself over to the dinning room table, put on my Ipod, and plow through them.

I think there are some Smirnoff's in the refrigerator.


Prisca said...

'm so sorry Husband has such a cruddy combination of things. Bad for both of you!

Did you pick up a six pack for the impending storm? Isn't that the official storm brew of the natives? ;) Keep warm and dry. I'll bet The Boy will be happy to keep you both toasty.

Weezy said...

We are doing the French Toast thing down here too-- and I got goodies to work on your gift :)

Take care of hubby-- hot toddies and booze always helps!

Kai said...

Poor hubby! Might I suggest hot tea with Brandy....for BOTH of you!

rented life said...

Poor husband. We're sending well wishes his way.

I have to do the grocery shopping today because I will not be stuck in the house(due to supposed storm) with no cat food! I dread it because I'm sure it'll be packed with people, especially being a Saturday.

k8 said...

Hope your husband is feeling better today!

I'm always confused about that very same grocery store/snowstorm phenomenon. I understand running in for a few things, but the people who have an overflowing grocery cart for a forecasted one day storm - just crazy.

Mad Hatter said...

Heh. I've seen the same grocery store rush here for 2 inches of snow! :-)