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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Random Bullets of Crapola

Posted by Seeking Solace |

  • I took a nasty fall yesterday while out with Husband. I fell forward, hitting my knee and then twisting down. I am so sore today.
  • It doesn't help that I am experiencing my first RA flare of the season. I was in such pain on Thursday that I had to cancel my afternoon class. I just couldn't walk across campus. Plus, my brain felt like mush.
  • At least it was only a moderate flare that I could treat with rest and my usual meds. No steroids...YAY!
  • My quiet CT class actually participated on Thursday. I told them that this was a great discussion and thanked them for their participation. I still gave them the letter assignment, though.
  • During that same class, I had a two visitors, two potential students for next year. The amazing thing was, the visitors participated in the discussion, even though they didn't have to. The potential students stayed after class and talked with me. They said they loved my class! Very nice!!!
  • Today, I am getting my hair colored and trimmed. Ah, someone else will wash my hair.
  • The Boy got his new bed yesterday. I will post some pics.
  • Husband wanted me to tell all of you who wished him a "Happy Birthday", thanks. He thinks I have the coolest blog-friends. He's right.

New bullet

  • I just scored tickets to see Todd Rundgren (Hello, It's Me). He's playing at the same small club where I saw Shawn Colvin. The tics were really cheap, like $30.00 each (RL, if you are interested, I will email you the password for the pre-sale)


Addy N. said...

Sorry you aren't feeling good- and falling is so scary. I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. Take it easy this weekend.

{{{Seeking Solace}}}

sheepish said...

Oh no! Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

oh no, so sorry for your fall and flare up. hope things improve soon!