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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pulling Students from a Shell

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My Critical Thinking class is driving me crazy. I just can't get them to engage in conversation. Today, we discussed how to critically read a passage. I had them read a passage on their own, using skills that I outlined in class. Then, I had them discuss their interpretations with a small group of classmates. A couple of the groups just sat there and stare at each other and did the "Homer Simpson blink". When I asked them how it was going the response was "Well, we all agree." When I would push them, the students would immediately clam up.

During our discussion, I even brought up the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. You would think that would stir up some discussion.



I am at a loss here. Next week, they will be analyzing issues by acting as a jury. I have done this activity in the past and it has worked well. I am hoping this will bring this group out of their shell.


RageyOne said...

Oh that does sound frustrating. I hope your activity next week works.

Weezy said...

Try not working with the written word. Find a video, a song, movie, whatever and get them going that way. (what I fall back on when I have too!)

Holden said...

Funny to hear from the other side.. ;)

I'm always the student who sits there silently... And wishes he wasn't...

I love your Blog.

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