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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11-When Time Stood Still

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I remember.

I was working for a large law firm in Lake Effect Snow Central. It was an office day for me because I did not have any court appearances that morning.

My secretary came into my office and told me about the first plane hitting the towers. Neither of us thought much of it at the time. Probably just a freak accident.

Later, she came in to tell me about the second plane. This was no accident.

My first thought was to call my former employer. That law firm had an office at 140 Broadway, which for you non-New Yorkers, is very close to the towers. I was praying that no one was there that day. Thankfully, no one was. Ironically, someone was in the office the day before but flew back to Lake Effect Snow Central the night of 9/10.

Back at my office, my entire department was gathered around the radio. We heard about the plane flying into the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. The later had great significance to me because I grew up near the crash site. I tried to contact my mom, who was frantically trying to reach my brother. My brother was a Sergent in the Army and stationed in an office in Pittsburgh. I later learned that my brother was told to go home and wait for further instructions.

That day at the law office, the phone did not ring, No faxes came in. No one got any work done. How could they? There was talk of sending people home. My husband's company sent all the employees home. But, my employer elected to keep us. It was like time stood still.

Outside my office window, I could see sharpshooters posted atop the Federal Building and other important places. Police were everywhere. Those of you who know me know that where I live has some significance.

When my employer finally sent everyone home, Husband came to get me. When he pulled the car up to the building and put on his flashers, about five local police officers surrounding his car. I had to flash my attorney ID and explain that I worked in the building and my husband posed no threat. Of course, we understand why the police did what they did.

It was complete chaos.

And I will never forget it.


Ellen said...

I spent a lot of that day worrying about family not far from the Pentagon. Here's to hoping we never have anything remotely like an encore.

doggy mama said...

It's amazing how everyone's morning started out so differently that day, but ended up so similarly. Total and utter shock and disbelief. It's a day we will never forget.

Mad Hatter said...

I was a graduate student then, and my entire lab spent the day huddled together watching CNN on a tiny TV someone had on his desk.