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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day Two

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Today, I met with my second group of Critical Thinking students. They were more engaging than yesterday's class. A couple of students stayed after class to talk to me. Maybe everyone has gotten over their initial fears.

I ran into a girl who used to work at my old college who now works at my new college. She left the old place two years ago because she couldn't the crap that was going on. We shot the breeze for about 45 minutes. It's nice to already know someone at a new place, isn't it?

OK, now for the bomb that was dropped on me today...

I got an email from one of the students in my Business Law class. He told me that of all his professors this semester, I am his favorite. He likes my upbeat personality and approach to the course. He says he loves the law and often discusses it with his best friend's dad. His best friend's dad is Attorney X.

Attorney X is a very well known attorney who was almost disbarred. He is the classic sleazy attorney.

Sweet merciful crap! How do I get into these things!!!!

So I can't talk smack about any practice are of law. And, I have to watch what I say in class because this student may go back and parrot to Attorney X.

Here's to a great semester!


Prisca said...

Ewwwwwww! Not so great news on the student front. Maybe you can just drill the whole 'reputation is EVERYTHING' idea into them and perhaps your student will get the idea. Can you remind them how small the legal community really is in Lake Effect Central and how everyone knows everyone else?

Do you suppose this kid doesn't know about Dad's friend's antics? Or does he condone them?

Ianqui said...

Well, at least he told you early on so you don't get into a mess later.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...


It's a small world, after all..