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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Second Chance

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We got a call from the fence people that they want to start installing the new fence on Monday. That's two weeks earlier than we thought. At least Husband only had two more posts to dig up. He has spent the last few weekends digging up posts, 12 in all.

Yesterday, he took down the entire fence which means that the Boy cannot be outside unsupervised. That was fine, since I was out there supervising him. The Boy comes when he is called, but he had a little distraction enter into his yard. Another dog came trotting over into the Boy's turf. This dog was just a young pup, so the Boy did not give him any grief. Plus, the pup was very friendly, so he and the Boy romped and played together.

I was concerned that this poor pup was running loose in the neighborhood. We live on a quiet street, but the streets that connect ours can be rather busy. I called the pup over to me and checked his collar.


About 20 minutes later, one of my neighbors came by and said "Oh, there's Chance, his owners have been frantically looking for him!" Turns out, Chance lives three houses down the street from me. He got out through a hole in the fence at his house! I told my neighbor that I would have kept Chance until someone came by looking for him. Besides, he and the Boy were having a blast.

I am pissed that poor Chance did not have the proper identification. I am a firm believer in microchipping. The Boy is microchipped. But that does not serve as a substitute for an id tag on the collar. The Boy has two ID tags. One that hangs on the ring of the collar and anther that slides on the collar itself. If Chance had proper tags, I could have walked him home myself.

But, I am glad that Chance made it home OK. Plus, the Boy has a new friend.


Kai said...

Ugh it irks me when people don't properly tag their dogs. There is a family in my parents neighborhood with two dogs that has no fence and they don't supervise them at all. You see these dogs wandering all over the neighborhood all the time. Ginger is scared of other dogs so she gets VERY upset when they wander into our yard. I wish they would get a fence and keep better track of them.

Thankfully the Boy is friendly and willing to share his yard! I'm glad he made a new friend!

rented life said...

Jack was microchipped when we got him, which bothers me, only because we get fined if he gets lost and is found again. Gracie has reactions to too many things for me to bother trying to stick another needle in her.

collars and tags however are a must.