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Friday, July 13, 2007

Rock the Blog World

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Brazen and Doggie Mama gave me this distinction:

Here's what Dr. Brazen said:

she's so real on her blog, I feel like I actually know her. And I love it when she says the things I'm thinking but don't want to be the one to say. [She also gets a bonus endorsement from Arbitrista, who would tag her for this himself if he was allowed.]

Here's what Doggie Mama said:

Seeking Solace from Thoughts From The Waiting Room. Fellow doggy mama here (I am sensing a theme; are you?)! Seeking Solace is just as crazy about her dog, The Boy, as I am about my Bismarck and Ryder. Two crazy doggy mamas just have to be rockin’ together, don’t you think?

Thank you, ladies!!! I am so honored!!!!!! And of course, you both rock!

Now, I am supposed to list five others who I believe are worthy of the same distinction. The truth is, I think ALL of my readers rock!!! It is hard to single out a few from so many awesome choices!

B*: I mean, who DOESN'T love her? I got to know her outside of the blog world last summer. She is truly a sweet and compassionate gal!

Rented Life: My "local" connection! What an awesome chick! I know her in "real life". She is so much fun to hang out with. She is SO cool!

Chaser: I love her honesty on her blog. I also love her ability to show grace under pressure with the whole V-Tech incident which she was so intimately connected. Plus, she loves hoops and shoes!!!!!

Weezy: I can just imagine kicking back with a few beers and listening to Jimmy Buffett! She is someone I could get into A LOT of trouble with!

Addy N.: Addy N. and I have more in common than many bloggers know. We appreciate the same things, especially a love of the 70's and 80's.

Shrinky: I don't know anyone who is more passionate about her work that her. I think if anyone has a calling for thier profession, it's Shrinky. Plus, she has an inner strength that I so admire. No matter what comes her way, she handles it with such grace and insight. Those idiots at her former school have no idea what they lost.

Prisca: I love her devotion to her faith. She has given me great insight into my own issues regarding religion and spirituality. Plus, she and I attended a certain alma mater, although at different times! How cool is that????

(Opps, that's bad! But, as I said, this is hard!)

And of course, there are some who already received the distinction that I must mention here.

Lina: I would love to start a fund to have her come to the states! Maybe we could have one big blogger meet up to welcome her! Who doesn't love her "in your face" attitude and her wonderful fashion sense?

Brazen: She is someone I could so hang out with. She is so smart and funny. I love reading her stories from the field. Somehow, I think doing research with her would never be boring. Plus she is a dog and cat mom!

Doggie Mama: Doesn't the name say it all? I love her devotion to her doggies, especially poor Bismark, who is very ill right now.

Finally, I have to give a special "Rockin' Guy Blogger" to Arbitrista. I don't know anyone who gets me to really think about what is going on in the world than him. He takes Republicans and Democrats to task on how ridicules they can be. He asks the questions that I think we all should be asking. Plus, you can tell that he is a good husband by the way he talks about Dr. Brazen on his blog!

Please don't be mad if you were not mentioned. You all rock in your own way. I love my readers and appreciate that you read my ramblings!!!!


BrightStar said...

Thanks! I'm about to put my post about this on my blog.

Prisca said...

Yeah! What she said!
That was really nice of you. :)
Back at 'ya, SS.

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Aw, thanks! I wish we COULD really hang out sometime!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, honey!

Addy N. said...

Thanks so much, SS! That's a cool thing to say about me- I hope we get to meet for real some day! I always think about you when I hear some of the 80s music from high school. I'll put this on the blog soon...

doggy mama said...

Looking forward to checking out all the blogs you awarded!

Hope you had a great weekend!