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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rainy 4th of July

Posted by Seeking Solace |

So how does Seeking Solace spend a rainy July 4th?

  • Watched four hours of Law and Order marathon.
  • Worked out (40 minutes on the treadmill, 25 minutes of weights)
  • Took a two hour nap with Husband and the Boy.
  • Made orzo with lemon and parsley while Husband grilled chicken with pesto and mozzarella cheese for dinner.
  • Snuggled and played with the Boy.
  • Read blogs.

Hopefully, there will be fireworks tonight. Luckily, we can watch them from our backyard. The Boy is not bothered by fireworks. Last night, he fell asleep while people in the neighborhood were ushering in the holiday.

The best part of it being a rainy 4th is that Fat Bastard did not have his annual 4th of July barbecue, fireworks and karaoke party. Fat Bastard lives opposite my backyard and down one house. There is a huge field between the backyards of the houses on my street and the backyards on Fat Bastard's street. Fat Bastard feels that the entire field is his property and shoots the fireworks in the direction of our house and our neighbors. Plus, the party usually starts at 11 AM and runs until about 2 AM. Nothing like a bunch of dunk trailer trash singing country karaoke! Every year, my neighbors and I take turns calling the cops.

I just hope that he will not reschedule for this weekend!

Hope you all had a great holiday!!!!


rented life said...

every year the guy down teh street does fireworks...and has an accident. Last year he shot it into the "audience" and gave burns to three people, including his own kid. No one up on our end of the street goes to his place.