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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Love and Marriage

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Husband and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary today!!!!

I was watching the Today Show this morning. Willard Scott profiled a couple who are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary today. They said that thier secret to being married so long is a deep love for each other and acceptance of each other's faults.

I honestly believe that is what has sustained Husband and I for so long. At the core of our relationship is not only a deep love for each other, but a solid friendship. We are a team, equal partners and best friends. I think Husband knows me better than I know myself.

It hasn't been easy. It has taken a lot of work to keep it together. We have been to Hell and back so many times that I think we own real estate there. We have battled job loss, the bar exam, family problems, the bar exam, relocation, depression, the bar exam, stress, loss, the bar exam, being broke, fitness and fatness, the bar exam (Something about that dam, bar exam!). Despite those and many other issues, we have managed to hang on to each other, never turning against the other. We know that the other isn't perfect.

There has also been so much joy and happiness that just cannot be measured. Sure, there has been some wonderful milestones like our first house, vacations to wonderful places and finally passing the bar exam. But, it's the simple things like enjoying a glass of wine on the back patio on a warm summer night or reading the paper on a Sunday morning that remind me of how special our relationship truly is.

Happy Anniversary, Husband! I love you and I can't wait to get to 75 years!


Abbey said...

Yay! Congratulations! I love that you're real about love and marriage.

BrightStar said...


luckybuzz said...

Happy Anniversary! :) (Though you have me a little worried, since GB is about to take the Bar exam...eep!)

Here's to many, many more! (Uh, anniversaries, not bar exams!)

Prisca said...

Happy Anniversary! You two sound so solid. :) It just makes me happy.

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone. I really found myself a good one. If I could clone him, I would and give the clones to all my friends. Keep the original for me!

And it is ttue about love and marriage. LIke Abby said, you gotta keep it real.

Luckybuzz: I didn't mean to scare you about the bar exam. It was just an example of one of the tough roads for Husband and me.

But, if you ever want to talk about going through it, please feel free to email me at

comebacknikki said...

So sweet. :)

Addy N. said...

Congratulations! 15 years is outstanding! We have our 8th this Friday- yay! I agree with you about the best friends part of it. H really is my best friend.

RageyOne said...

Awwww....what a sweet post!

Happy Anniversary and here's to many more years of wedded bliss!

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

lots and lots of happy congratulations!!!

joanna said...