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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

For Bismark

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Sadly, Doggie Mama's sweet dog, Bismark, lost his battle with cancer. He was only six years old.

Everything that could possibly be done was done. Chemotherapy, holistic treatments...

I know this is a hard time for Doggie Mama and her husband. Bismark was their little boy. And no doubt his doggie sister, Ryder, is feeling the loss too. There is such a connection that I think many people fail to understand.

Bismark was more than a dog. It would be simplistic and insulting to say so. Just reading Doggie Mama's blog shows the unconditional love and loyalty that she and Bismark shared. There was an unspoken understanding that could be felt every Wednesday when she would post "Wordless Wednesday".

And when the diagnosis was given, there was not question of what needed to be done. It was for Bismark.

Godspeed, fella. I know you will patiently wait for your mom, dad and sister at the Bridge.


doggy mama said...

WOW. I am speechless. That was such a beautiful tribute to my beautiful boy. Thank you so much for this. I know you understand how real my broken heart is. I have lost my child. And you are right - he is waiting for me, Steve and Ryder at The Bridge. And I honestly feel him all around us. But it was just too soon. We miss him more than words can ever express. And we will always be a family of 4 - Bismarck will NEVER, EVER be forgotten.

Thank you again,

Seeking Solace said...

Doggy Mama: You are so welcome.

Kai said...

What a lovely post and tribute to Biz.

Pass the Kleenex over here! Hugs to you and the Boy!