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Saturday, June 09, 2007

People Do And Say Some Messed Up Shit

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One of the nice things about Lake Effect Snow Central in the summer is that there is always something to do that is free. There are festivals, concerts and all kinds of stuff all summer long.

So today, Husband and I headed to the Big Art Festival. My lawyer buddy, Divorce Lady, has her office in the art district where the festival takes place. Her office is this Victorian house with a huge front porch. During the festival, she and others who have offices or homes in that area hold porch parties. It's a great way to people watch.

Here are a few incidents of note:

Incident #1
Note to woman who was yelling if she was the most drunk. If you have to ask...

Incident #2
Woman: Well, would that satisfy you?
Man: No, not really.
Woman: Well, do I satisfy you?
Man: No, not really.

Incident #3
Note to Divorce Lady's partner. Don't make a big deal about going to the post office to mail documents to Alaska when your partner's boyfriend works for UPS and he is standing right there as you rant about it!

And finally, a huge note to all the people who insist on bringing your dogs to the art festival. Please leave your pets at home. It was rather warm today and the pavement is hot on a poor pooch's feet. Also, little dogs are very afraid of big crowds. Finally, there are things on the ground that your dog would like to eat, but shouldn't. If you love your pooch, leave Fido or Fluffy at home!!!!!


Prisca said...

I love people watching. I would've been in heaven. I hope you had a drink or two for me. :) I miss 'festival' season in your part of the world.

Thanks for the reminders about paws on hot pavement. I'm not one to bring my sweet pup to events like that, but it's good to know anyway.