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Monday, May 14, 2007

What a Weekend!!!!

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What a weekend. I am still tired.

Saturday morning, Husband, the Boy and I met up with GML, her husband, Eli Blue and Frankie for a dog walk to raise money for a local no kill animal shelter. The Boy and Eli are old buddies, but this was the Boy's introduction to Frankie. The pups got along very well.

When we participated in this even last year, Husband and I were running late because we were unfamiliar with the area. Eli did not take kindly to our late arrival and began stomping his paws and began huffing and barking at the Boy. This year, GML and her hubby were late, so the Boy began to bark up a storm when he saw his buddy!

The walk was a lot of fun. We must have walked at least 3 miles, taking water breaks for the pooches. Frankie is still learning how to walk on his leash, so he tugs pretty hard. He wanted to keep up with the big dogs!

There was a minister who gave a blessing to the dogs before the walk began. That was really nice. But after the blessing, the minister set up a booth to give "Psychic Paw Readings". Weird. I could just hear what she would say to the Boy "You will sniff another dog's butt!"

After the dog walk and a light snack, we headed home. Husband and I wanted to talk a nap because we had tickets to see B.B King at one of the casinos in the area. We had not been to the new casino, so we thought it would be fun to make a night of it. We gathered all the spare nickels and quarters for the slot machines.

First, let me say that if you get a chance to see B.B. King, DO IT! The man is 81 years old and is still going strong, despite having to sit during the show. His stories are wonderfully funny. And the dude can play like no-body's business! At one point during the show, he dedicated a song to all the parents, grandparents and others that taught you about him. That made me smile because everything I know about the Blues and B.B. King I learned from my great uncle who died in March. Ironically, the seat next to me was empty. I have a feeling my uncle was sitting next to me!

OK, now to bitch about the casino. Now, I am not a casino virgin. I have been to many a casino in my lifetime. But this was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Like I mentioned, we gathered all our spare change to play the slots. Well, for some reason, this casino does not take coins. You have to insert bills! When we asked one of the casino attendants if there were any slots that took coins, she coldly responded " You can't use coins here. It's bills or nothing. Take those back to your car right now." Um, since when can't you use coins in a slot machine?

So, we took our coins back to our car and decided to go get something to eat. We thought we would try the buffet restaurant. On the casino's website, it was the only restaurant that did not require a reservation. So, we walked into the buffet and was told that we had to get a reservation. Excuse me? So, we went to the reservation desk where we were told that a reservation was needed, but nothing would be available until 8 PM. Well, that was not going to work because our show started at 8 PM. I mentioned to the hostess that the website said nothing about a reservation. She rudely point to the sign and said "Well, read the sign!" I politely mention that someone should inform thier webmaster because there is some misinformation on the website and it would be a shame if someone else made the same mistake. She looked at me and growled "My manager is over there, go tell him."

Excuse me????

So, we ended up at another restaurant in the casino which stated that you needed reservations, but for some reason, we were able to get a table. The food was OK, but not worth $60.00.

Pretty much the entire night, anyone we would encounter was rude. Plus, no one, not even the people visiting the casino, appeared happy. There was a woman sitting next to Husband during the show who just sat there with her arms folded and this evil scowl on her face. She did not clap. She did not sing along. She just sat there like she was doing B.B. King a favor.

To add insult to injury, we made it home in time to watch Favorite Hockey Team lose in double overtime. D"OH!!!!!!

Yesterday, we just hang out at home. We did not get up until 11 AM. Well, I was up at 8 AM to let the Boy out and give him his breakfast, but I went right back to sleep. We were just so exhausted! I wrote an email to the casino yesterday to complain about the experience. I doubt I will get a response. I don't think we will be going back there.

On the plus side, I got big sloppy kisses from the Boy for Mother's Day!


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

BB King sounds like a good time!

I hate it when the whole staff someplace has an attitude. You know it is because of a systematic problem, not just an indivudual with a burr up their backside.