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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No More Ugly Bathrooms or Blue Screens of Death!

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The bathroom remodeling project begins today. Today is demolition day. The crew will gut the old bathroom. That means taking everything out, walls, fixtures, etc. I don't think the demolition will take too long, since it is only a half bath. Don't worry, I took a "before" photo!!!!

In order to avoid the noise, Husband took the Boy to daycare. I am going shopping this morning and then to the hair salon this afternoon. I need some new books to read. I just finished Eat, Pray, Love. There is a new James Patterson book from the Women's Murder Club series that is out now. As far as the hair goes, I am having my color done and a trim. At some point, I should have the straightening process again.

I spent part of yesterday updating my Internet service. Big, evil cable company bought my bankrupt cable company last year. Now, all of the email address and other services are changing to the new provider. Let me just say that big, evil provider is truly evil. They actually have their own "blue screen of death". After installing all the new software, I would get the BSD every time I would try to log in to big, evil cable company's homepage. The BSD wants you to change your security settings to fit their service. Well, I did that, step by step, and still got the BSD! Since my home email works fine with Outlook, big, evil cable company can choke on thier BSD!


doggy mama said...

Remodeling... never fun to have all the chaos going on, but it definitely pays off in the end!

I'm sure the boy would much rather be at daycare than amidst all the remodeling.

Good luck!