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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Construction and the Boy

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Well, the bathroom is gutted and they are putting up the drywall today. If you are wondering why it took so long to gut the bath room, you have to get a metal image of what had to be demolished. Plastic tile on the walls with about an inch of glue to hold 'em! Just sad! What in the hell were people thinking back then?

I have a toilet sitting on my patio. Too funny! I should post a picture!

The Boy got a report card from daycare. He received five paws out of five! (Although, I would like to know where a dog gets an extra paw!) He had a total blast. When he came home, he ate his dinner and crashed in his bed for the rest of the night! Cost for eight hours of doggie daycare...$20. Cost for one tired but happy pooch...priceless.

Today, the Boy is staying with me in the office while the crew works. I don't think he likes it very much. Every time I move, he gets up and wants to go with me. I am going to take him for a walk before it gets too hot. It is supposed to get up to 85 degrees today. I think I might send him back to daycare tomorrow.


doggy mama said...

Aw, 5 paws! Go The Boy!! It's so cute when they are pooped and you know they had a fun day!