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Thursday, May 31, 2007

In the Construction Zone

Posted by Seeking Solace |

The drywall is up, new shut-off valves, wiring for the lights and GFCIs were installed. Paint prep and painting will start today. But, there is just one thing.


No matter how much one tries to clean up, there is a lot of dust associated with this project. Dust is everywhere! Also, since the half bath is off the kitchen, my kitchen is ground zero for some of the equipment during the day. Bottom line, my house is a mess.

The Boy returned to daycare today. I just think it's the best thing for him. Plus, I think one of the guys is afraid of dogs. As for me, I am going for a pedi later this morning and then lunch with Husband. Hopefully, this afternoon will be a little better on the construction site.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

At least you are in control of the project -- I found construction to be the most irritating thing about living in apartments. They would only do things for the owner's benefit (new windows = lower heat costs etc..) and then the work would happen on some mysterious schedule we had no control over.

Maybe there is a neighborhood teenager or two around that you could pay to help you clean up all the dust in the kitchen? It might be worth the $5.00 per hour to have someone helpe you wipe off all the cans etc.. when the project is done.

doggy mama said...

I secretly like when people working on our house are afraid of dogs... it makes me feel that they won't try any "funny business" with our "mean dogs" watching them!! haha - if they only knew that bringing treats would make our dogs their best friends!!

Seeking Solace said...

Philosophy Factory: I would like to do that but kids are still in school until the end of June. So, I am stuck on my own.

Doggie Mamma: I talked to one of the guys today who said he likes my dog and he does mind if the Boy stays. Truth is, the Boy would be BFF with the crew if they gave him snacks!

Anonymous said...

so sorry for the construction woes... it's so annoying to live somewhere while they do construction.