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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Follow Up

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I called the director of the paralegal program this morning to follow up on the adjunct position. She indicated that she had not fully reviewed any of the resumes, but she would be calling people tomorrow because of the short turn-around time. The next semester begins the first week of May, so the person would have to hit the ground running. I reiterated my interest in the position and mentioned that I was anxious to return to teach at the college. I did mention that I would be available this week to speak with her, but would be out of town next week.

Usually, I can read people pretty well, either via voice or body language. (My mother always said, I could sniff out an asshole before that person opens his or her mouth.) But, I could not get a very good read on her. Her voice was sort of drab and did not have much inflection to it. Perhaps she was feeling a little under the gun. This is the last week of class at the college and finals are next week. Plus, grades must be submitted by next Friday. So, my guess she is really stressed. I think I played the right card by stating that I since I worked for the college in the past, I could hit the ground running and would need little supervision. I did not want to boast too much, so as not to shoot myself in the foot.

Argh! I hate this waiting. Time to think happy thoughts. I am leaving for Florida on Monday. Time to do some trip shopping!!!!!


Anonymous said...

thinking lots of good thoughts for you!!