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Monday, January 12, 2015

What Does 47 Look Like?

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Yesterday was my 47th birthday.

My first thought did I get to be 47 years old? I mean, where did all that time go? Time seems to go by very slowly when we were kids, teens, even early 20-somethings. Now, it just sems to fly by so quickly. I just want things to slow down, just a little.

My second though about being 47 hit me as I was getting dressed yesterday, I paused to look in the mirror. I wasn't sure what 47 is supposed to look like, but I certainly didn't look 47 years old. I am grateful for having smooth, flawless skin, thanks to taking good care of my skin and hitting the jackpot in the gene pool. My body doesn't really feel 47, especially after losing all the excess weight and being pretty fit. Even with my ups and downs with the RA, I am still here and in remission.

Later, Husband and I were talking at dinner about all that I have accomplished in 47 years. It's a lot. Three academic degrees, with a fourth to be finished soon, two amazing careers in law and academics that allowed me to help so many people, running my own business, being sworn in to practice before the US Supreme Court, and being married for 23 years to an amazing guy who has stood by me in good times and bad. I paused and thought how truly amazing all of this is. You don't really notice it while your doing it.  But, when you pause to think about it, it's pretty awesome.

So, I am not sure what 47 is supposed to look like. But, so far, it looks pretty damn good.


JaneB said...

Happy belated birthday!

chicago foodie girl said...

Here's to your 47 years of awesomeness! :-)

Seeking Solace said...

Thank you both so much!!!!