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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Half Full

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So, I think I have risen out of my summertime blues. I re-adjusted my daily schedule, which has helped. I also allowed my feelings to just "be", rather than try to fight them. I came to the conclusion that I only have about one month left of freedom, regardless of what happens job-wise. Once August arrives, I will be super busy. So, I should enjoy July and not worry about the other stuff...too much. 

Even if nothing pans out on the job front, I still have my one class gig at HBCU and I can take two classes at PhD U. It's not ideal, but it's better than having no job at all. And, I will be further along with my PhD. If I am working full-time, I can only handle one class. Having two courses at PhD U will allow me to make some connections with people in the program. Networking is always a good thing.

I did apply for a position at a Law School teaching research and writing. I often thought that if I taught at a law school, I would teach research and writing. It is not a TT position; it's a renewable contract position. That doesn't bother me too much, as I am used to being in that position, although I will be asking if becoming TT would be a possibility. That is, of course, if I get an interview. I did write one kick ass cover letter, probably one of the best cover letters I've ever written. Even if nothing comes of it, I have a new cover letter template, which will help me in the future.

I am still preparing for the GRE. The quantitative section is a little rough, but Husband is helping me with some of the math. It's not like the SAT where I have to provide the correct answer; it's just comparisons. But, I do need to use some algebra and geometry to make the comparisons. I have not used those skills in 30 years, so I am a little rusty. Husband is a good teacher and I am able to recall and apply the information. I am just reminding myself that I am shooting for a "D".  This has been my plan since the summer break started.

With the conference coming up, I need to do my fieldwork. I will be interviewing students and will need time to set those up. Plus, I will need to transcribe, code and do all of that other stuff. That takes time.

I follow a RA support group page on FB. There is a woman who has RA and is running a 5K after losing a lot of weight and being in remission. I was thinking about doing a 5K before I read about this woman's journey and after reading it, I was inspired to do the same. I am thinking about doing the Arthritis Run in December. That would give me enough time to slowly train my way to 3.1 miles. Currently, I can do one mile. So, if nothing changes, job-wise, I will have more training time. I have to train slowly, so that I do not anger the joints too much.

With all of that, I realized that my glass is half full. Even if nothing works out on the job front, I am no worse for the wear. I have enough on my plate to keep me somewhat satisfied.