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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


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Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed me about my previous post. You gave some great suggestions and things to think about regarding whether or not to apply for a adjunct job at Christan Law School. I really took your comments to heart. After careful deliberation, I made a decision.

Next job opportunity, please.

It came down to this: Could I do the job well? Yes. Would I have a positive impact on the students and help them become good lawyers? Yep! Could I handle the question about my being an atheist. Probably. But, even if this job opportunity was accepting of me and my lack of beliefs, would I feel comfortable just being who I am? I don't know. Not knowing is what sealed the deal for me.

I am not saying that people there would treat me differently or unfairly because I am an atheist. There probably many who would accept me for my abilities, rather than my beliefs. But, I also know that it could be a problem for some, maybe even a distraction. That was never my intent. But, in my quest to find a place where I fit in, Christan Law School may not be the place to test that theory.

All I have ever wanted in life is to find my place in the world. It's hard to do that when you are a mixed race female who has a disability and is also an atheist. I don't wear these roles on my sleeve, although a couple are pretty obvious. But, it does make it hard to feel comfort and acceptance in a world that is not so tolerant. All I want is to find a job where I can do my job well, inspire others to be the best they can be without distractions about who I am or drama that does not allow me to do what I do well.

Not much to ask for, right?