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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Woman's Got to Know Her Limitations

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Dirty Harry said it best. "A man's got to know his limitations."

I am getting better at knowing my own limitations.

I decided to drop the second PhD class. In the end, I concluded that I could take both classes and teach the online class. But, I honestly believe that I would not do these responsibilities well.  Ultimately, something would suffer. Also, it has only been six months since I left my job at Tech College. I finally have some sense of balance again. I don't think I am ready to take on any more right now. Maybe, in the fall, things will be different. But for now, this is what I am able to do.

I've always had trouble knowing how far to push myself. I have this voice inside my head that says "Come on, just a little more." or "It's not enough." I am the classic overachiever, biting more than I or any reasonable person can possibly chew.  But this time, I said no to that extra helping of achievement. Maybe it's like my recent weight loss, my appetite and stomach cannot handle the huge helpings of food anymore. I know when I am hungry and I know when I am full. I get the right amount of sustenance to keep me healthy and strong. So, I guess I am realizing what my limits are based on my physical health and mental well-being. I am figuring out what the right serving is with respect to the work/life balance.

I guess this woman has got to know her limitations.


Nitewriter said...

It's the right decision :-) I have a hard time with pushing the limits too. BTW about kindle books: All ebooks available in the Kindle store are for any Kindle device, the free Kindle desktop reader, or on a free app for your tablet or smart phone. I read kindle books on my tablet and/or on my smartphone.