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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Business Hammock

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There is this episode of the Simpsons where Homer takes a new job for the Globe-Ex, whose mission is world domination. Of course, Homer doesn't know that. He thinks it's the best job ever. Anyway, he is managing a group of nuclear engineers who have been working long hours. He realizes that the guys need rest. So, he asks his new boss where he can find "business hammocks". His new boss thinks it's the greatest idea ever. He recommends several places to find business hammocks in the "Hammock District".

I need a business hammock for my office.

Seems that the people in the windowless offices are at it again. There is a new mandate in which department chairs are now responsible for finding internship sites for their students, monitoring the students while they are interning and so on. On top of my teaching schedule, running the program, advising students,  working on a new certificate option for my program and seeking approval for my program by the Law Gods, and the other 99 things I have to do...when am I supposed to sleep?

Hence, the business hammock. I think I may need to move in to my office. Of course, Husband and Junior would not be too happy about that.

I really don't understand this idea of loading people down with obligations. In my not so humble opinion, it's the wrong way to save a buck or increase productivity. The interns were the responsibility of another department. But, they claim that they have too much on their plate, so it was decided by the people in windowless offices to transfer the pain to academic core. Besides, we in academics just teach.

Seriously dudes, unless cloning technology come through or I am granted an assistant, I am going crazy. I do delegate some responsibilities to my faculty, all two of them. But, they have a great deal on their plate also. And, I "heart" my faculty. They are great instructors and practitioners. They have great student retention. We work so well together, so the last thing I want to do is burn them out and lose them. Or, burn myself out.

Hmmm,..I wonder where the hammock district is in Elsewhere?


Alice said...

Yes, it seems like those of us who are already working hard are being "rewarded" with more duties...