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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Seeking Solace Thanksgiving

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Husband and I don't travel to Redneckville at Thanksgiving. It's an 8-10 hour drive depending on the weather in the mountains. Plus, we only have Thursday and Friday off, and even though we both grew up in Redneckville, it would be a rush to visit family. So, we stayed in Elsewhere and enjoyed our first Thanksgiving in our new house.

Husband and I love to cook together. We work well in the kitchen. We had an 8 pound turkey with this rub for the turkey. Although I have made this rub before, it was the first time I got to partake since returning to eating turkey.

We also had the traditional smashed potatoes with the skins and seasoned with garlic, veggies and, of course, stuffing (my favorite). I made this cranberry dish last year and it was so good, I had to make it again. You can't beat a dish made by Paula Dean that contains Grand Marnier. With the leftover cranberry goodness, I made a pie. YUM!!!

We just chillax during the holiday. GML and I text during the National Dog Show. The Boy watched with great interest. I think he had a crush on the Boxer. We also watched the Turkey Bowl. Later, we stopped by our friends' M and H house to have pie and coffee. I brought my sweet potato pie made with bourbon, which was quite a hit. (In case you are wondering, it's the usual recipe, except substitute a shot of bourbon for vanilla).

No Black Friday shopping for us. I refuse to engage in the madness. I worked retail many years ago and it just plain sucks. Plus, there is absolutely nothing I want, need or desire that requires my standing in line for a ridiculous amount of time, so that I can wait for a store to open and some unholy hour to battle a bunch of people who have nothing else better to do that fight over an item that stores purposely have only two in stock.

There is just no logic to it.

Instead, we hit the gym, which was totally dead, and worked off our feast of gluttony to make room for more feasting. Saturday, Husband began work on painting the great room. Otherwise, we read, watched mindless television and relaxed.

Today, I will begin the slow decline into the reality that I have to go back to work tomorrow. Laundry is waiting. Husband is planning on going for a hike. Since my beloved Boys in Black and Gold will not be televised, I will listen to the game online while enjoying some reading for pleasure.

Tomorrow begins the homestretch. I will start planning for the end of the term tomorrow. I am still on vacation!


Rebecca said...

That sounds to me like a perfectly wonderful holiday weekend. Glad you enjoyed such a lovely Thanksgiving and are continuing to enjoy the weekend. Happy Holidays!

jo(e) said...

That sounds lovely and relaxed.

Except the part about returning to work ....

Sherlock said...

Sounds wonderful! Not traveling is a nice change. We did it for years and I've enjoyed being at home the past several.

TiredProf said...

Sounds like you had our weekend...Not looking forward to tomorrow morning (or the next 3 weeks). Staying home is the best!