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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hell and an Ass-Hat

Posted by Seeking Solace |

Husband and I spent the weekend in Charlottesville VA, home of Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virgina and most importantly, Dave Mathews. We were there to see the Dave Mathews Band.

We spent Saturday morning at Monticello. Husband was there when he was a kid. It was the first time for me. We were impressed at the beauty of the grounds, particularly the gardens. The house was quite grand, including the "Academical Village" which was the name for the library in the house. Legend has it that in Jefferson's private library, there were so many books that there was only a narrow pathway to manuver around the room. (I wonder if they had a 19th century version of Hoarders? )

After our tour, we went to lunch at a restaurant in the historic district new UVA. It was a little hole in the wall kind of place that I could see Husband and I either going to or working at if we were students. We walked around the historic district and I bought some homemade doggie biscuits for the Boy at a little dog themed shop.

We took a drive around the grounds of UVA before heading back to our hotel for a nap before the show.

OK, now is where it gets bad.

We arrived at the site for the concert, which was on the grounds of UVA. Upon our arrival, we were subject to a pat down search, similar to that to a search by the TSA, minus the refusal to go through the full body scan. Thankfully, no one's "junk" was touched, but it did leave Husband and I a little shell-shocked. I mean, seriously, a pat down search? I did joke to Husband afterward that maybe they thought I was a member of the Black Panther Party, since I was dressed in a black turtleneck, dark jeans and a car length leather jacket.

We decided to get some refreshments, so off to the ID check area. Even though I can't drink, I got a tag so no one would give us grief if I was holding Husband's beer. After we were tagged, Husband went to get a beer. After paying for his brew, his wrist tag was marked.

There was a four beer limit.

Alrighty then.

I told Husband, no worries, because if he was really in need, I would get a beer for him. (See, good reason I was tagged).

Off to get some snacks and a drink for me. I ordered a soft pretzel and a Coke. The Coke came in a cup with no lid or straw. When I asked why there was no lid or straw, I was informed that those items were banned.

Banned? Really?

After all of this, Husband and I were wondering if we were still in the USA.

But, no worries. We were excited to see Dave Mathews. So, we headed to our seats.

Normally, I am the one who gets concert tickets. I have really good ticket karma. I've been able to score really good seats for shows were it is quite difficult to score seats in a spot other than peanut heaven. This time, I was unable to get tickets, so I asked Husband to get them and blessed him with my good karma.

It didn't work. We were one row from the very top to the arena.

This is not a good thing for me. The climb can be rather tough for me and the joints. And, I am afraid of heights. I was having some serious vertigo.

But, I was willing to suck it up becuase I was going to see Dave Mathews.

OK, now for the ugly.

We settled in to watch the opening act. It was a funk-fusion band that was totally rocking the house. Husband and I totally were into the groove, except for this guy behind me who keep kicking me in the shoulder. The guy and his girlfriend were making out behind us. I didn't care too much, until he kicked me in the back of the head.

Oh, yes he did!

I turned around and gave him some grief about kicking me in the back of the head. He apologized.

After a brief intermission, Dave Mathews came out. It was awesome. The sound was incredible. The band sounded incredible.

And that ass-hat behind me kicked me in the back of the head twice more.

Husband whipped around and yelled at the guy. I thought for sure Husband was going to kick this guy's ass. Finally, the guy and his girl and others who were hanging with them moved down the row to an empty area.

So, you would think we would have some peace now, right?

No, it gets uglier.

It was bloody hot up in peanut heaven. Plus, there were some folks about three seats down who were paying homage to Mary Jane. What was worse was that the back of my head was throbbing. It was tender to the touch. About halfway through the show, I began to feel dizzy and nauseous. I was not feeling right.

Husband and I left our seats and went to First Aid. While Husband reported the ass-hat to security, the EMT gave me some ice for my head and had me lie down. (At least, I could still hear the show). After an examination, he even though my eyes were not dilated, I probably had a mild concussion as a result of the blows to the head. It was up to me if I wanted to go to the ER or go home and have Husband monitor me. If I had any vomiting, I would need to go to the ER immediately. Either way, I really shouldn't stay.

Well, that's just f-ing great. I only got to see/hear 2/3 of a concert that I have been waiting weeks to see. And who knows if security found that ass-hat, who probably got to enjoy the entire show.

So, we went back to the hotel. Husband set the alarm to wake me every hour or so. Thankfully, I had no vomiting or worsening of symptoms. I got up the next morning with a slight headache and feeling pretty tired. No dizziness or nausea. So, we headed home.

And that was it.

I did have a great time with Husband for the first half of the trip. But, I am pissed that I missed the rest of what I understand was a fabulous concert. I am pissed that some ass-hat who lacked the proper home training to know that when someone tells you that you are being an ass-hat and you still continue to be an ass-hat, gets to enjoy the fruits of his ass-hatness (Although, for the record, I don't know if the ass-hat did get to enjoy the rest of the show). And, if Husband had kicked ass-hat's ass, Husband would be the one who would be ejected and arrested. And since when does one need a pat down search to go to a concert (Please do not give me a Fourth Amendment lecture, remember what I do for a living).

It's times like this where I think the world has going to hell in a hand-basket. And, I think it all started when David Lee Roth left Van Halen.


RageyOne said...

Monticello is a beautiful place to visit!

So sorry the 2nd half of your trip to Charlottesville was so painful. That really bites that you weren't able to enjoy the full show.

Musey_Me said...

That sounds really awful. I hope your head is okay. Having just lived in a college town, I can say that many aspects of your story sound very familiar -- I think undergrads have created a bit of a police state when they are in large numbers. We had to listen to people talking on their cell phones throughout a Willie Nelson concert; we had to leave a Beck concert because we couldn't hear him over the crowd noise. My purse has been searched over and over, etc. We went to a concert in a big city near us over the summer and I was stunned that I didn't have to be subjected to any crap. And, the audience was well-behaved despite the 300 degree temps in the auditorium (people were leaving b/c it was too hot). All of this is to say that I think you've now experienced what being an undergrad in 2010 is.

Rebecca said...

Well, that was certainly a mix of good and bad. Sheesh. I'm really sorry you had to suffer an actual injury, though. That's really awful.

Still, I literally lol'd at your last line.

Glad you're better.

Sherlock said...

What a pisser. I hate when other people ruin my time at a show.

Charlottesville eh? That's only an hour or so from me. Do you live near there?

Drop me a line - wouldn't it be great if we could meet up sometime!

BTW get yourself a handicapped tag for your car and you'll also get a DMV handicapped id (about the size of the driver's license).

Then present that at concerts and you'll get the best seats in the house. No matter what seats you paid for.

This is especially good at the VA Beach amphitheater. Pay for lawn seats, present your handicapped ID and they'll escort you right up front near the stage.

Addy N. said...

Very crappy indeed. Do you think the guy was a college student? I wonder if some of the restrictions were because it was at a University. I'm glad you're OK, but that just sucks.

Seeking Solace said...

Thanks everyone. It was a downer, but I'm doing much better.

Sherlock: I will send you an email!!!

Addy N.: He was a student from Elsewhere!!!!

comebacknikki said...

I'm glad to hear you're okay... what a shitty thing to have happen at a concert!